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Offering Wedding and Specialty Cakes

As with all of our cakes, Amélie’s takes special care to make sure our wedding and specialty cakes are exactly what you’ve been dreaming of! Simple and elegant with lots of textures, our tiered cakes are delicately crafted by hand and utterly delicious. Specialty cakes are cakes we customize for special events like bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays and/or anniversaries.

We begin our journey to your perfect wedding cake by listening carefully to you. Get started by scheduling a consultation about 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. We offer cake tastings during these consultations, or you may choose to pick up one of our take-home tasting boxes prior to your consultation. Tastings are $15, which are applied to your cake order if placed.

Our tiered cakes start at a base of $5.50 per serving. Final pricing is based on your selected size, flavors and design. Without a doubt, you’ll have lots of questions. For answers to those most commonly asked, see our FAQs page.

To schedule a Cake Consultation, please click the button below:

For further questions, contact our Specialty Cake Team at or (704) 258-4342.