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Our Story

Amélie’s was born in 2007 from a collaboration of three certifiable foodies who love what the French brought to the world of cooking. The emerging NoDa neighborhood in East Charlotte seemed the ideal location for made-from-scratch, French-inspired café offerings, both sweet and savory. Providing free WiFi and a comfortable, roomy gathering place, our NoDa location soon accommodated customers by tossing the keys and remaining open 24/7/365. The finishing touch came when partner Brenda Knight Ische created the whimsical ambiance using mostly repurposed items. 

While we’re known for our salted caramel brownies and array of French macaron flavors, we also take pride in our soups like our Spinach Asparagus Leek soup, available year-round; sandwiches like our Croque Monsieur; seasonal salads; and our coffee, tea and specialty beverage offerings. 

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café


Today, Amélie’s has three locations in Charlotte, and one in Rock Hill, SC. Decidedly not a chain, each bakery has its own personality and aura that is unlike any of its sister stores! These unique personalities are organically created by the communities that call Amélie’s their own.

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café

Our Intention

At Amélie’s, we have no intention to just be a French bakery and café. Our mission is to foster a feast for the senses and create a unique experience for each person who walks through our doors. We aim to inspire, challenge, comfort and nourish while creating community and fellowship.

We carefully think through everything we do—each square inch of our stores is designed with purpose; every recipe is meticulously developed, tried and tested by our gifted chefs; our coffees, teas and other beverages are hand-selected after continuous sampling (this part is fabulous) and painstaking searches around the globe.

Every pastry, soup and salad is made-from-scratch on site with unconditional love. We approach the business of crafting pastries, cakes, desserts, soups and savories not to one-up the competition, but to outdo ourselves. 

In addition, we love customizing orders for our customers. From our select catering and event menu to preparing our made-to-order specialty cakes—we recognize that our guests have invested considerable thought and emotion into deciding what they want in a cake or event. For that reason, we invest great care in delivering exactly what they imagine. This is serious business and we take it personally.

Our Core Values

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café

We are genuine

This starts with who we are as individuals and continues through the products we serve and how we communicate.

We celebrate diversity

No matter what race, creed, gender identity or sexual orientation.

We celebrate food and drink

We are in love with the food and drinks we make and the people who make them.

We value personal growth

Growth requires hard work and dedication.

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café

We are mindful of our impact to others

We work to have a positive impact on guests and employees.

We honor the dignity of everyone

We embrace differences and enjoy learning about each other.

Our job is our passion

The food and drinks we make and the experience that we create is our passion.

The goal for our guests

We want to create a lifetime relationship with our guests—from your daily visits, to the place that you choose to celebrate with the people you love.

Each Amélie’s is Unique

Each Amélie’s bakery is curated with a kaleidoscope of furnishings and fixtures that you normally wouldn’t think to put together. But our guests say it works, and the result is a space that’s hard to describe.

Our Designer and Partner, Brenda Knight Ische, seems to just wave her wand and fashion a Bohemian-chic, French-inspired environment from an eclectic selection of individual pieces. If you’re curious, Bren says she got her color-palette inspiration for Amélie’s décor from a 17th century Renaissance painting.

Most of the furniture and fixtures are previously-used. Over 75% of the furnishings come from Habitat ReStores, thrift stores and individuals selling one-of-a-kind items across the country. The way Bren puts it, “Everything is something else.”

We hope that our whimsical yet comfortable ambiance combined with the made-from-scratch flavors we deliver make Amélie’s a sensory joy ride for everyone who visits.
You’re always invited. Come on over to our house!

Amélie’s French Bakery & Café
Amélie’s French Bakery & Café