Each Amélie’s bakery is curated with a kaleidoscope of furnishings and fixtures that you normally wouldn’t think to put together. But our guests say it works, and the result is a space that’s hard to describe.

Our Designer and Partner, Brenda Knight Ische, seems to just wave her wand and fashion a Bohemian-chic, French-inspired environment from an eclectic selection of individual pieces. If you’re curious, Bren says she got her color-palette inspiration for Amélie’s décor from a 17th century Renaissance painting.

Most of the furniture and fixtures are previously-used. Over 75% of the furnishings come from Habitat ReStores, thrift stores and individuals selling one-of-a-kind items across the country. The way Bren puts it, “Everything is something else.”

Amélie's Chandelier

We are frequently asked about our chandeliers. Bren designs them all herself.

When you enter the front door of any Amélie’s you can’t miss her signature pots-and-pans chandelier. 

Amélie's Decor

We hope that our whimsical yet comfortable ambiance combined with the made-from-scratch flavors we deliver make Amélie’s a sensory joy ride for everyone who visits. If we don’t do that, we want to hear about it so we can make it right.

You’re always invited. Come on over to our house!