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Cooking Classes - Holiday Tarts

Cooking Class – Holiday Tarts

What will you learn: Students will learn how to make two types of tarts from start to finish; an 8” ...
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Pain Perdu (Lost Breard) - French pastry

Pain Perdu – An Amélie’s French Bakery Fun Fact

Crispy, salty, buttery French bread with a unique combination of vegetables, cheese and/or meat = a must-try dish with an ...
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Pistachio Macaron Geteau

Macaron Gâteau 101

If you are a fan of our French macarons you will equally enjoy our macaron gâteau. After posting a photo ...
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Antonio Kelly - Team Member Spotlight

Antonio Kelly – Team Member Spotlight

Meet our team member - Antonio Kelly! Antonio has been with Amélie’s for over 4 years at our Atlanta bakery. ...
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