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Custom Cake Creations for All Occasions

Who doesn’t smile when they think about cake? At Amélie’s, we understand the “leading role” a cake plays at events like weddings and birthday parties. The look and taste of the cake should be breathtaking! So, what makes Amélie’s cakes different from other cakes?

First, we insist on using old-world recipes and techniques—we never cut corners with our craftsmanship or ingredients. Amélie’s cake base is delicately crafted chiffon, making the taste experience like nibbling on clouds! Our mousse filling options include highly unusual flavors like passion fruit and blood orange. We make our own Italian buttercream, and we won’t use fondants or non-edibles that reduce the integrity of our scratch-made ingredients. Finally, the finishing embellishments combine traditional piping and flashes of modern elements, all applied with Amélie’s artistic flair!

For further questions or to place your order, please call the bakery most convenient to you.


Did you know? Amélie’s chiffon is made with a classical French whipped egg technique, giving it an airy texture. Our Italian buttercream is made with butter and whipped egg whites instead of the American style made with shortening and powdered sugar. Choose from our custom, composed or wedding cake offerings. Just give us a call, we’re here for you! Or refer to our FAQs

Custom Cakes

Ordering an Amélie’s custom cake is simple to do:

  • Choose from our made-from-scratch varieties of cake, homemade buttercream and filling flavors. If desired, select from any of our standard decorating ingredients. We can also do custom decorations for an additional cost.
  • Call the Amélie’s location nearest you at least 48 hours* prior to your desired pick-up time, and place your order over the phone.

*Custom wedding, tiered, and specialty cakes will require additional time. See our wedding cake section for more information.

Cake Flavor

choose one chocolate chiffon, vanilla chiffon, lemon chiffon, almond sponge


choose one traditional, chocolate, coffee, hazelnut, lemon, mocha, orange, pistachio, raspberry


choose one or two 
chocolate, milk chocolate espresso, white chocolate, raspberry, passion fruit, strawberry, cream cheese, blood orange, blackberry, caramel, coconut, Irish cream
Pastry Cream: vanilla, chocolate, hazelnut, coffee, lemon, fresh fruit 
ganache, diplomat cream

Masking + Decoration

choose any that apply feuilletine, toasted candied almonds, toasted coconut, chocolate curls, ganache, candied citrus, fresh fruit, chocolate dipped strawberries

Our Favorites

Can’t decide on the right flavor combination? We have our chef’s favorite composed cakes available at the Amélie’s location nearest you! Select from our chocolate raspberry, fraise (strawberry) or lemon raspberry cakes. We know, we know, it’s not literally “a piece of cake”—sometimes it’s hard to choose!

Like our custom cakes, please call your location of choice to place your composed cake order at least 48 hours in advance.

Chocolate Raspberry

Chocolate chiffon cake with Chambord simple syrup, raspberry mousse, and chocolate buttercream, topped with chocolate ganache, raspberries and chocolate curls

Fraise (Strawberry)

Vanilla chiffon cake with Grand Marnier simple syrup, pastry cream with fresh strawberry pieces, and traditional buttercream, covered with toasted candied almonds and topped with glazed strawberries

Lemon Raspberry

Lemon chiffon cake with Chambord simple syrup, raspberry mousse, and lemon buttercream, topped with feuilletine and raspberries

Macaron Gâteau

Our macaron gâteau consists of three layers of cookies and two layers of filling and are approximately six inches in diameter. This dessert typically serves around 8 - 10 people and they cost $18.95 per cake (add-ons may be an additional fee). Choose from any of our year-round flavors or ask about seasonal menu availability. Please call your location of choice to place your order at least 48 hours in advance.