Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cakes

Cake FAQs

Do you deliver?

We only offer delivery on our tiered cakes currently. Our standard delivery fee is $50 for any delivery within 40 miles round trip of our NoDa location and $1.00 per mile beyond that round trip. All single tiered cakes must be picked up from the bakery.

Do you make cupcakes?

No, we do not make cupcakes, but we do offer a range of other small dessert options including, our petit gateaux and petit fours (only available through the Catering Menu). See our Catering Menu for dessert bar options and pricing.

Do you make fondant-decorated cakes?

At this time, we do not offer any fondant-covered cakes. We make all of our own buttercreams in-house and love to showcase how delicious and beautiful they are.

How soon should I place my wedding cake order?

We recommend at least 6-8 weeks prior to your date to begin our booking process. This ensures that we have adequate time for a tasting, consultation, and to meet any special requests. We try to accommodate all clients as long as the date is still available, but the minimum order time is 2 weeks ahead of the delivery date.

What is the base price for wedding cakes?

Our wedding cakes start at a base price of $5.50 per serving. The final price per serving is determined based on the flavors, size and complexity of the cake design. We work with each couple to make their cake a unique part or their special day.

How do I schedule a consultation?

Consultations and cake tastings are only offered to anyone ordering a tiered cake. Please contact the Tiered Cake Team to set up your tasting and consultation.

Do you offer cake tastings?

Yes, we offer cake tasting for tiered cakes only. Due to Covid-19, we are currently only offering a take-home tasting box. Please contact the Tiered Cake Team to set up your take-home tasting.

Is there a charge for cake tastings?

For any Tiered cake order, we offer cake tastings for a $15 fee plus tax. Please contact the Tiered Cake Team to set up your take-home tasting.