12th Birthday Memory Lane

Today we’re celebrating our 12th Birthday! Thank you to our brilliant team who are magnificent beyond words and a huge thank you to all of you in our community for your endless support. We are so grateful.

In honor of our 12th birthday, we are taking a trip back in time and celebrating 12 of the most favorited items we’ve had on the menu over the years! There is so much love and passion infused in each recipe, stay tuned for behind the scenes tidbits about your Amélie’s favorites!

  1. The Salted Caramel Brownie, 2008

We lovingly call it S.C.B, and it has that je ne sais quoi! A fudgy, rich chocolate brownie, bathed in buttery caramel and then finished with cascades of sea salt.  We love them, and YOU love them, and we’re thrilled that you love them as much as we do. If you have not had an encounter with the S.C.B you’re in for a delicious treat! Go grab one NOW!

2. Brown Butter White Mocha, 2015

Previously known as the Brown Butter Café Crème, this drink is still capturing our hearts just the same! We start by making a brown butter white chocolate sauce with brown sugar and vanilla, we then add in espresso, steamed milk (whole, almond, or oat) and top it with vanilla bean whipped cream. In previous years we have served this beverage with toasted pecans so if you miss them simply ask for them and we will add them to your order!

3. Napoleon (The dessert not the person), 2008

Messy, beautiful, fragile — INCREDIBLE! In France they are more commonly known as mille-feuille which translates to “one thousand layers” and layers it has. Our napoleon starts with crispy puff pastry and then it is layered with fluffy diplomat cream, more puff pastry then topped with fondant icing. The pièce de résistance is the chocolate herringbone pattern that decorates the top.

4. Thanksgiving Pain Perdu, 2014

A real unsung hero in our bakery case, behold the ultimate savory bread pudding. We take all those buttery, flakey croissants and baguettes and make a tasty savory bread pudding with carrots, onion, celery, turkey, potato purée and herbs de Provence gravy. Who knows, maybe we will bring  it back again this year?

5. Russian Tea, 2010

Why does a French bakery serve Russian tea? Yes, on paper this does not compute but once you taste this “hug in a cup” it all makes sense. Our version is made with steamed orange juice and a spiced simple syrup with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon.

6. Sweet Potato + Bacon Galette, 2015

Let’s demystify this one; simply put, it’s a free formed rustic SAVORY tart. Pâte brisée which is a savory dough is filled with (in this case) a sweet potato mash with caramelized onion and herbs and topped with crispy bacon. Galettes had a brief stint on our menu and we miss them every day! #BringBackGalettes

7. Vanilla Balsamic Macaron, 2011

We have done a zillion flavors of French macarons and they ALL really deserve a spotlight, but here is one of our most favorite recipes from the past. Classic almond cookie decorated with a balsamic stripe and filled with creamy Madagascaran vanilla buttercream with a balsamic reduction.

8. À la Mode Petit Four, 2016

We layered all the best parts of a sundae in a tiny present: banana, hot fudge, crunchy roasted peanuts, and cherry purée in one bite! This reminds us of hot Summer days with a big sundae served in a frosted glass.

9. Gardenia Lemonade,  2015

A gem from our Spring 2015 menu. Sparkling water, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a simple syrup made with extract from botanically brewed gardenias. We love that this drink is equal parts sparkly and refreshing!

10. Spinach + Feta Danish, 2017

A savory breakfast champion with sautéed spinach, roasted garlic, crumbly feta cheese inside  caramelized onion danish. You can always count this as a serving of vegetables, we won’t tell!

11. Blueberry Cream Cheese Entremet, 2018

For all the cheesecake fans, this is your moment to shine. Graham cracker jaconde base with cream cheese mousse and topped with shiny blueberry marmalade. A dream in every bite, honest.

12. Cotton Candy French Macaron, 2018

These swirly pink and blue beauties debuted on the menu as barbe à papa, meaning “papa’s beard” is what the French call what we know as cotton candy or candy floss! Picture it: you are in Paris on a breezy spring day, walking around the Eiffel Tour with a big cone of cotton candy as you take in the sights.

Thank you for reminiscing with us and for all the memories we have made together along the way. We are so honored to be a part of your daily lives and be the place you can come for a caffeine fix, croissant craving, glass of wine, sweet treat or for no reason at all! Thank you for 12 years.

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