Box of Love

Comfort food that makes a difference – introducing the “Box of Love”

Box of Love - a dozen French Macarons

We truly believe that love makes everything better. And, our amazing community is hurting right now. In times of darkness and stress, love has the unique ability to comfort people, to lift people up, and bring people together. Love comes in many shapes, sizes, and forms. For us, love normally translates to making delicious pastries (aka – comfort food) but in this time of uncertainty, we want our love to not only live in our treats but to provide some comfort and support to others that are in need. 

We have decided to offer a “Box of Love” (otherwise known as a dozen French macarons) for only $24 + $3 delivery fee with $1 of each box going back to benefit our friends at Crisis Assistance Ministry and all of their efforts to provides help, hope, and understanding for people struggling with limited financial resources.

What is a “Box of Love”?

  • Starts March 25 and goes through the end of April
  • Includes 12 French macarons in assorted flavors
  • Each box is $24 with $1 going back to benefit Crisis Assistance Ministry

How to order a “Box of Love”:

  • Visit the online ordering page on our website
  • Select the bakery nearest you and click
  • Once on our online ordering platform, we encourage you to select the delivery option
  • Select a “Box of Love” under the Cold Pastries section
  • Place your order
  • Know that your purchase of a “Box of Love” has shared some comfort and love with Crisis Assistance Ministry

More about our friends at Crisis Assistance Ministry:

They provide help, hope, and understanding for people struggling with limited financial resources. We help local families meet their basic needs – emergency rent and utility assistance, clothing, household goods, furniture, beds, and appliances – while introducing pathways to economic mobility.  Each year, more than 50,000 individuals receive assistance and 92 cents of every dollar donated goes directly towards programs helping neighbors in need.