Vegan Chocolate Truffle Bar

Vegan Chocolate Truffle Bar

In recent years, one of the items we receive the most requests for is a vegan pastry. Up until now, it’s not been something we offer on our menu. However, starting on February 10, that is all going to change. We are delighted to share that Amélie’s is adding a new, and our first, vegan pastry to the year-round offerings.

What you need to know

Official name:

Vegan Chocolate Truffle Bar

Description and Ingredients:

Toasted coconut, almonds, dates and coconut oil base with coconut milk, raw sugar, cocoa powder, bittersweet chocolate, and agar agar topped with fresh raspberries.

When is this new dessert available:

We will begin offering this pastry starting Monday, February 10.

Where will it be offered:

All of our bakeries will be offering this dessert.



Although we have had vegan soups on our menu for several years, we have not had a dessert option. Thank you to our patrons and fans for asking and challenging us to explore the world of vegan desserts. We truly hope that you love it. If you have any questions or feedback about this new dessert please reach out to