Heart-shaped Macaron Gâteau

Heart-shaped Macaron Gâteau

Love is in the air and this special pastry is looking extra sweet for Valentine’s Day. We are offering a sweetheart variation on our macaron gâteau – a heart-shaped macaron gâteau. It doesn’t get much more festive than this.

There are specifics on when and where these delighted pastries are available so please read all the details below. 


  • Strawberry Chiffon: 3 pink cookies filled with strawberry marmalade with a strawberry chiffon buttercream border [not gluten-free]
  • Raspberry: 3 red cookies filled with raspberry marmalade with a raspberry buttercream border [gluten-free]
  • Chocolate: 3 red cookies filled with chocolate mousse with a chocolate ganache border [gluten-free]

The extras:

You can customize your order with a short message written on the cake. Adding additional macarons or other pastries on top is an option but there is a small fee.

What is the serving size and price?

This gâteau typically is approximately 6” in diameter and serves around 8 – 10 people, and they cost $18.95 per cake. As mentioned above, some add-ons are extra. 

How do I order a heart-shaped macaron gâteau?

This special pastry is only available at our NoDa bakery from February 1 – 14. Please call (704-258-4342) or stop by to place your order. We do require at least 48 hours of advance notice.

What is the best way to serve this dessert:

Serve cold to help keep the integrity of the cake intact and cut with a serrated knife to achieve a cleaner cut.

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