French Macaron Chandelier

French Macaron Chandelier

A tribute to the ever-popular petite French pastry, our Macaron Chandelier is eye-catching with its tiny representations of macarons in bright and happy colors. To learn more about this chandelier we spoke with our designer Brenda Ische in The Factory to hear her take.

Where did the idea come from?

Brenda acquired a light fixture that had spokes with tiny clips on the end. The clips were meant for tiny paper mementos such as ticket stubs or notes, which in itself is a fun concept. She quickly realized that hung from the ceiling, none of the paper attachments could be appreciated; that is when she decided to get creative.

How did you make the chandelier and how long did it take?

Knowing that whatever she attached to the spokes had to be light, Brenda ordered a macaron soap mold and used the Great Stuff spray foam that she had on hand to fill the molds. After a few hours, she popped the macarons out of the mold, trimmed the overflow with a blade and painted them. Once dry, Brenda pierced them with the spokes. All in all, the project took a few weeks, as there were several steps that all required some drying time. 

How many French macarons are on the chandelier?

124 macarons are handing from the chandelier

How large is the chandelier?

The macaron chandelier is fairly light and is about 30” at its widest point.

Where can you find it hanging?

This one of a kind chandelier hangs in our Park Road bakery which opened in July 2017.

Any additional information that is interesting?

Brenda shared that the reason there is such a wide variety of macaron flavors represented in this lighting fixture is that color makes me happy and this chandelier is filled with a lot of it!”