Pots and Pans Chandelier

Pots and Pans Chandelier - Park Road bakery

The most recognized chandelier in our bakeries is the Pots and Pans Chandelier or Kitchen Cacophony as Brenda likes to call it. One of the reasons it is so well known is that this lighting fixture appears as the signature piece in the design of each of our bakeries generally near the main entrance. Like all of our other chandeliers and lighting fixtures, it was created both in concept and reality by our designer, Brenda Ische, in The Factory. To find out a little more about its origins, we chatted with Brenda to hear the rest of the story.

How did the idea come to you?

According to Brenda, “Inspiration began in a Habitat for Humanity ReStore (my #1 shopping spot!) when I eyed an 80’s chandelier with hanging acrylic prisms.” Although the chandelier itself was outdated, it appealed to her due to the interesting armature. She decided to leave the prisms behind to re-sell.


Once she had the chandelier sans prisms, she primed and painted it and was patient while pondering on what should hang on all those little hooks. Several weeks later, Brenda came across a set of children’s cookware and knew instantly how she should use it. Gathering all the kitchen tools always takes a while, and assembling it is quite a noisy proposition, as she drops as many pots as she attaches.

Pots and Pans Chandelier - NoDa bakery

What makes this chandelier so special? 

Brenda shared, “I simply love the way light dances through the crevices of the cookware!”

How many pots and pans do you typically use in one of the chandeliers?

Each chandelier has over 75 pieces all differing somewhat depending on the size of armature. The lighting may appear different in each one based on the basement of the cookware.

Any other interesting facts about this chandelier?

The first one she created hangs in the NoDa bakery and includes a small pot from Brenda’s childhood toy collection. In addition, there is a similar six-foot version of it that she made for Macy’s in San Fransisco.