Maria Baez – Team Member Spotlight

Maria Baez - Team Member Spotlight

Introducing Maria Baez, our January team member spotlight!

Maria is a pastry chef at our Park Road bakery working at Amélie’s for over two years now. We are fortunate to have Maria on the team as she brings a wealth of experience and baking skills with having been a pastry chef with the famous Magnolia Bakery in New York City prior to joining our bakery.

We know Maria brings a persistence and never-give-up attitude to our team because she called every day to let us know how much she wanted to work and bake with us before we found the right spot for her at Park Road. After being part of the team for over two years, she says the team is her favorite part about Amélie’s French Bakery.

Why she was nominated?

Kitchen manager at the Park Road bakery, John Travieso is responsible for adding Maria to the Amélie’s team and couldn’t be happier about her being spotlighted. He shared:

“It’s hard to put into words all of the ways she deserves this recognition. Maria is from Santo Domingo, and she made her way to Charlotte and to Amélie’s as a pastry chef. She is excellent at her craft, but she is also a self-starter and an integral part of the Park Road Amélie’s team. Everyone at the bakery understands the part she plays in day-to-day operations, and they never hesitate to comment on how valuable she is. Maria is not just constantly looking for opportunities to learn and grow, but she is also taking classes to develop her English language skills to help her professionally and personally. There are many more intangible reasons Maria deserves this recognition, so I am thrilled to share her story.”

Favorite pastry to bake:

When we asked Maria what her favorite pastry to bake was, she replied:

“I love to make French macarons.”

Her favorite flavor to make is passion fruit which is a new flavor we introduced for the first time in the summer of 2019. Maria shared that she loves working at Amélie’s because she is able to do what she is passionate about; it is an understatement to say that all of her pastries especially the macarons are filled with love.

Favorite Menu Item:

She has a Vanilla Café Crème early morning as she starts her day because she likes the flavor of vanilla.

Outside of the bakery:

When Maria isn’t baking macarons, she enjoys her time away from the bakery with her family; her husband and two children.


Just as our recipes consist of a broad mixture of ingredients and flavors, our team of talented employees is a unique blend of all people. We love our fun and open environment, where we make sure our employees know they are welcome to bring their whole (or real) selves to work every day. Our values emphasize this, as well as our overwhelming passion for serving great food and beverage!

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