Galette des Rois (Kings Cake)

Galette des Rois - Kings Cake


The Galette des Rois is a 700-year old French tradition that began during the 14th-century. It is traditionally served on January 6 – the 12th day of Christmas – to celebrate Epiphany, a religious feast day commemorating the arrival of the Three Kings to the manger where Jesus was born. Today, it is eaten throughout the month of January and is a festive way to celebrate the new year with family and friends.

Typically, there are two basic styles of the Kings Cake. We make and serve the northern France style made of puff pastry and stuffed with a dense creamy almond filling.

Our version

Composed of two circles of puff pastry bursting with baked almond creme filling. Inside is a baked whole shelled almond. The outside has a scored design and is egg washed. Each Galette des Rois comes with a paper crown.

Size and Price

We offer two options:

  • An 8” cake that serves 8 – 10 people and is $30.98
  • A 10” cake that serves 12 – 15 people and is $34.98

Availability and How to Order

This special dessert is available through special order only in January through mid-February. Please place your order via phone or in our bakeries at least 48 hours ahead.


  • This dessert is best served when warm.
  • Tradition dictates that Galette des Rois be divided such that each guest receives a slice plus an extra symbolic slice for any unexpected visitor that should stop by; thus, giving everyone the opportunity to “tirer les rois” or “draw the kings” – from the cake.
  • The “king” is represented by the fève, once a fava bean, now a whole almond or porcelain or plastic figure hidden inside the cake. 
  • Whoever finds the fève in their slice is declared ‘Le Rois’ (the King) or ‘La Reine’ (the Queen).
  • To avoid any favoritism, the youngest child slips under the table to call out the name of the people to receive each slice so the server doesn’t show bias.

Please note: This Kings Cake is based on the traditional French version and not the modern New Orleans version with colored frosting and/or sugar and a baby inside.