Musical Instruments Chandelier

One of the most photographed items in all of our bakeries is the Musical Instruments Chandelier found in the Amélie’s Uptown bakery. 

Musical Instruments Chandelier - Amélie’s

We have a number of one-of-a-kind chandeliers hanging in our bakeries. All of the lighting fixtures are created by our very own designer, Brenda Ische, in The Factory. The musical instruments chandelier is actually one of Brenda’s favorite pieces she has created for Amélie’s. In order to learn a  little bit more about the chandelier, we sat down with Brenda to hear the rest of the story.

When did you create the musical instrument chandelier?  

Brenda began collecting used and slightly damaged instruments over five years ago. Typical to her decor style, she began collecting them with no particular purpose in mind; knowing an idea would come! Brenda is attracted to items that are artistic and have a dual purpose; a musical instrument is lovely just sitting in its case and when a musician touches it and a beautiful art form fills a room.  

How did you come up with the idea?

Once she had a pleasing assortment, Brenda put them away on a shelf and would ‘visit’ them frequently hoping for inspiration. While traveling, she spotted a huge metal woven ball, and the light bulb went off; she could fasten the instruments to a similar armature and light from the center.  

Did anything, in particular, inspire you? 

Brenda’s mother was a musician, so she was brought up in a home filled with music. By looking closely, one will notice an accordion in the chandelier. It was the most difficult to locate and is a tribute to her sweet mother and the years of accordion lessons she gave Brenda.  

How many and what type of instruments are in it? 

There are 30 instruments in the chandelier. They include a bugle, a mandolin, a violin, a sousaphone, an accordion, clarinets, flutes, a saxophone, trumpets, a french horn, a tuba, a guitar and a few pieces of sheet music!

Musical Instrument Chandelier - Amélie’s Decor

How large is it? 

At its widest point, the chandelier is about 5 ft in diameter. This proved problematic when it was hung, as it was difficult to reach the center of the fixture.  

How much does it weigh? 

Brenda is not entirely sure how much it weighs. But if she had to guess she thinks it is around 60 pounds

Have you made any other musical instrument chandeliers since this one? 

Brenda has made a few flute light fixtures. And, she has begun collecting again…

One last detail:

The last piece of information Brenda shared about the chandelier is that she had initially planned to leave each instrument in its original state maintaining the color. Once assembled,  they screamed “paint us gold!” So she did.