Pain Perdu – An Amélie’s French Bakery Fun Fact

Pain Perdu (lost bread) - French pastry

Crispy, salty, buttery French bread with a unique combination of vegetables, cheese and/or meat = a must-try dish with an interesting story

When you are looking at our cold and dry cases it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices of pastries. In essence, many of our items can be overlooked or lost in the mix. Let us suggest one of our favorite items that you need to try. Our pain perdu is a savory meal in itself. It can be enjoyed for breakfast, brunch or any time of the day or evening you are craving something filling and full-flavored.


Pain perdu – has an interesting history behind it. Pain perdu (a French term) translates to literally mean ‘lost bread’. This dish was created by European cooks who needed to use all the food the could get their hands on to feed their families. They knew that several day-old, stale bread could be brought back to life when moistened, other ingredients added, and heated through. Thus, the lost bread was upcycled into another purpose.

Our Pain Perdu 

Our bakeries also serve a beard pudding which is the sweet version of our ‘lost beard’ so you will find our pain perdu savory. Besides French bread, the chef chooses the meat, vegetables and/or cheese to add to the bread and custard (eggs, milk, and seasonings) that help bind and revive the old bread.


Because what we have leftover or available varies by the day and by the bakery, so do the flavor available. You can call the location closest to you, to ask what flavor they have.

If you have yet to try this hearty and flavorful French staple, add this delicious canvas for using all extra ingredients to your ‘To Try’ list.