Year-round French Macarons

These delightful pastries are a key staple in every one of our bakeries. Our year-round French macarons are often overshadowed by our seasonal flavors as we launch a new seasonal menu four times a year. However, you are missing out if you haven’t tried these time-tested fan favorites. Not surprisingly, one of the questions we receive most often when someone is trying to decide what to order is, ‘what are your French macaron flavors?’ 

Currently, our year-round French macaron flavors include:

Vanilla [GF]

Pistachio [GF]

Lemon [GF]

Orange [GF]

Raspberry [GF & Dairy-free]

Cotton Candy (Spring-Summer only) [GF]

Lavender Lemon [GF]

Mixed Berry [GF & Dairy-free]

Cinnamon Ganache [GF]

Café au lait [GF]

Salted Caramel Brownie [not gluten-free]

Chocolate [GF]

All but those indicated are gluten-free

All of our locations carry the year-round French macarons. However, it is important to keep in mind that what is available at each bakery varies daily. In general, we try to have pastry items available in our cases by 11:00 am each morning at all of our bakeries but with the volume of macarons we go through, not every flavor is always ready by that time.

We recommend calling the specific bakery to confirm if the items you are interested in are available when you plan to visit.

Occasionally, we will add a fan-favorite flavor to the year-round options with the most recent addition being Lavender Lemon. In addition, all of our year-round French macaron flavors can be made into a Macaron Gateau,  consisting of three layers of cookies and two layers of filling and are approximately six inches in diameter.